"Performance" Dashboard

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In the Performance Dashboard of the anybill portal, you have access to all relevant key figures related to the digital receipt.

The following statistics are available here:

  • Issued receipts:
    Number of digitally issued receipts from all or individual stores in a time period you select.
  • Saved costs:
    Total costs saved by using digital receipts. Here, a flat rate of 0.35 cents is applied per digitally issued receipt that would otherwise be incurred for printers, maintenance, as well as paper.
  • Monthly expenses::
    Costs incurred for the use of anybill. These consist of a basic amount and the number of digitally issued receipts. 
    • Detailed information about your monthly payment contribution can be found on your invoice, available in the Invoice Summary
    • Additional general pricing information can be found here.
  • Environmental protection:
    Thermal paper saved by using anybill to date in kilograms / meters. A weight of 1.32 grams and a length of 30 cm is assumed per receipt.


If you have further questions, please contact the support of your POS system manufacturer or our support (support@anybill.de).

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