Content Management (Optional Add-On)

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Table of Contents

  • General Information
  • Manage content areas
  • Create content area
  • Advanced display options

General information

By booking the premium voucher, you have the option to increase your visibility by creating content spaces yourself. This area will then be displayed on:

  • the mobile website for the receipt
  • the receipt PDF
  • the digital receipt in the app

The content area is not only displayed on all newly issued digital receipts, but also retroactively on all "old" receipts. This way, your customers will always receive your latest relevant message.

Manage content areas

In this menu you can manage your content areas.

Create content area

Add a new content area by clicking on "+":

Then configure the content area:

If you add an image, please pay attention to the maximum file size of 2 MB as well as the recommended aspect ratio. This is 2:1 for the "Image only" variant and 1:1 for the "Image right/left" variant. If the image has a different aspect ratio, you can crop it in the editor:

Finally, you can check your content area in the preview. Here you will see the three display locations in which the area will appear:

Important: do not forget to activate the area. Only one design can be active at a time.

Advanced display options

As an optional package, the advanced display options are available.

This allows you to customize your content space by specifying individual stores, a specific time period, the individual playout channels, and the position on the receipt.

To do this, simply select the "Advanced display options" button in the content area editor:

You will be guided step-by-step through the individual options:

1. Stores

Select the stores on which you want the content area to appear:

Note: If you select all branches, and later activate anybill on additional branches, they will automatically be assigned to the content area. 

This is also the case when selecting entire countries. Example:

  • You create a content area for all stores in France.
  • anybill is activated for a new branch in France
  • The previously created content area will be automatically displayed also on receipts of the new store.

2. Period

Set a time period for the content area:

If you set a start date that is in the future, the content area will automatically get the status "Scheduled", and will be activated on the selected date.

3. Playout channel

Select in which playout channels the content area should be displayed:

The following channels are available:

  • Digital receipt website
  • PDF document
  • Email with PDF receipt
  • Digital receipt in the app

4. Position

Select at which position on the document the content area should be displayed:

The following positions are available:

  • Top
  • Middle
  • Bottom

Since only one content area can be displayed per document (not multiple), multiple selection is not possible here.

Important notes on how the extended display options work:

  • Since only one content area is displayed per receipt, the following basic logic applies:
  • Only one content area can be active or scheduled per store and period and playout channel.
  • This means:
    • A store can have multiple content spaces, as long as they are in different time periods or appear in different playout channels.
    • Several content spaces can be active in one time period, provided that they are assigned to different stores or appear in different playout channels.
    • A playout channel can have several content areas, provided that these are assigned to different branches or are in different time periods.
  • If a content area is created whose configuration overlaps an existing content area with regard to the described logic, a warning message appears:


If you have further questions, please contact the support of your POS system manufacturer or our support (

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